I am a storyteller whose words are stitch, whose paper is silk.
My art weaves tales in delicate, stitched line on layers of fabric just as a wordsmith pens his thoughts on papers.

Textiles define social histories and cultures, signal wealth, class, status ethnicity and mood. They are both functional and frivolous but most importantly, are an accessible, universal art form in their own right.
It is for all these reasons that I choose to work within this field creating hangings, soft sculptures, stitched paintings, mats and garments of which the kimono is my signature piece.
My art is on a moving canvas, wearable art, worn on the body to wander the world reflecting the trials and tribulations of everyday life in vivid imagery on satins, silks and calicos.

Spider like, I spin together follies and frailties with cautionary tales and myths, gleaning information from snippets of conversation and a bric -a- brac of news, radio chitchat and social media twisting them with fairy tales and myths which carry universal themes.
From this rich palette of ideas, drawing parallels between the fantasy of reality and the reality of fantasy.
My sumptuous pieces entice you in through a web of metaphors to discover their darker intent, their secrets.

Why kimono?
Kimono means no more than ‘ a thing to wear’ so for me, can take on the form of simple garment shapes from around the world.

Kimono, the ‘Little black dress of the Orient’ has a perfect simplicity of shape which allows me to paint, draw and stitch on its many surface using a variety of techniques and varying materials from the coarsest of calicos to the finest of chiffons.
I can create narrative layers of kimono much as a storyteller creates chapters in books, quilting cautionary tales on wearable art.

Ultimately, I can create food for thought, transport ideas and messages around the world in that most ubiquitous, functional and accessible of forms, fashion